About Us

Velo (from the Latin Velox) = Swift     College (from the Latin Collegium) = Partnership

Velo PLAY icon SMALLVelo College offers a series of online video tutorials designed by leading professionals in their particular field. All our courses all easy to follow, fast to learn, and specially designed to take people from beginners to being more than competent in that skill.

Some courses are about acquiring new skills for pleasure and personal pursuits, while others are a valuable tool in getting you started in a potentially brand new career.

All content is original and carefully crafted. Our aim is to offer the broadest number of people the opportunity to study something new, and benefit from the collective expertise of our instructors.

We have many more courses in development, and will continue to add them as soon as they’re complete. We trust you’ll enjoy, and benefit from, this ever-growing collection of superb quality online learning opportunities.