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Get fitter and build your core strength and flexibility in just 10 weeks.

This series comprises 30 complete, easy to follow and fun workouts


This is a step-by-step video series featuring a complete 10 week Pilates challenge. Each week features 3 x 32 minute workouts to follow along with (30 individual workouts in total).  The workouts should be taken 2 or 3 days apart, so your body has sufficient time to recover and refresh.

The workouts are divided into three sections: Abdominals, Arms, and Legs (including a final stretch session).

The workouts gradually increase in difficulty over the 10 weeks. They are structured in blocks of 2 weeks, with the same exercises that are featured in Week 1, repeated in Week 2. Then, new exercises appear in Week 3 which are repeated in Week 4, and so on.

This is designed to give you familiarity with the exercises, and to improve your strength, flexibility and technique with each, before you move on to the more challenging exercises of the next fortnight’s set of workout videos.

All workouts, regardless of where they fit in the program, are designed to improve your core and muscle strength, flexibility, and posture, to provide you with a complete toning experience.

Who should take this course?

  • Anyone who has ever thought of trying Pilates, but has not known where or how to start
  • Anyone who is looking for an affordable addition to their exercise regime
  • Anyone who is a lover of Pilates and wants to add to their practice
  • Anyone who has not regularly exercised for a while, and wants to try something low-impact in the comfort of their own home

Why take this course?

Pilates is an awesome form of exercise, as it offers numerous health and wellness benefits, such as improved posture & flexibility, increased muscle tone & strength, low impact rehabilitation, greater lung capacity and circulation and stress management, among many others. Plus, it’s FUN!

This 10 week workout series will provide you with many of the fundamentals of Pilates and how to steadily improve your technique as you go along – or as we like to say, how you can become awesome at it!

Each workout builds on the previous one, in order to improve your strength and fitness throughout the series. Each workout is designed to improve your core and all over muscle strength, flexibility, posture, body awareness, and to provide you with a complete toning experience.

Do I need any equipment?

 No, you can successfully use this series without any equipment at all. However, for maximum results and comfort, we do recommend that you use:

  • A yoga mat or similar
  • Two light hand weights (no more than a kilo each)
  • A small soft pad (a rolled up towel will do fine)

Who are the Instructors?

Emily and Chris are a husband and wife team who have been practising and teaching for 5 years. They have loved seeing the incredible effect that Pilates has had on our their client’s lives. Their goal is to share their love and knowledge of Pilates with as many people as possible so that everyone can experience first hand all that this awesome exercise has to offer. They believe that this series is accessible, affordable, expert and most importantly, easy to follow and lots of fun!

What’s in the Course?

Series Introduction
This video provides you with the basics and fundamentals of Pilates, which we encourage everyone to watch, even if you have done Pilates before. We discuss and explain some commonly used Pilates terms that will be featured in all of the workouts. So press play, get on your mat, and practice with us!

Week 1, Workout 1
This workout consists of basic Pilates exercises that are both challenging and fun! We work on core activation abdominal exercises, learn how to engage the muscles in the middle of the back and introduce glute and inner thigh exercises.

Week 1, Workout 2
In this workout we continue to explore basic abdominal exercises, we add weights for our arm work and the thighs and calves get some work.

Week 1, Workout 3
Stronger abdominal exercises are introduced in this workout, specifically targeting the obliques (the sides). The glute exercises are advanced and ballet inspired leg work is introduced.

Week 2, Workout 1
This second time around focus on engaging your core and using your abdominals for every exercise.

Week 2, Workout 2
Use this workout to think about your breath. Focus on breathing during each exercise in the way described.

Week 2, Workout 3
Challenge yourself to try a higher level for at least one exercise than you did during this workout in Week 1.

Week 3, Workout 1
We target the side of the waist muscles strongly in this workout, as well as trying planks. The hamstrings and glute muscles are used strongly in the bridging exercises.

Week 3, Workout 2
In this workout we introduce side leg kicking exercises for the legs, planking is advanced and the weights reappear for arms.

Week 3, Workout 3
Rotation is added to the abdominal exercises and the arms are worked whilst working the legs.

Week 4, Workout 1
Use this workout to perfect your bridging and side of the waist exercises.

Week 4, Workout 2
Try a more difficult level for one or more of the exercises.

Week 4, Workout 3
Focus on enhancing your technique for all the exercises, particularly the clam exercises.

Week 5, Workout 1
The endurance of the thighs and calves are tested as are the abdominals with some tougher exercises. The mid back is also isolated in the arm exercises.

Week 5, Workout 2
In this workout planking is taken to the next level as are the arm exercises with weights. Bridging work is revisited and further advanced.

Week 5, Workout 3
Balance is challenged with the glute exercises and the shoulders are worked strongly with weights. We stretch out the legs as we perform the abdominal exercises.

Week 6, Workout 1
Use this second time around to further develop the technique of the exercises, particularly the new abdominal exercises.

Week 6, Workout 2
Push yourself to try a tougher level of one or more of the exercises in this workout.

Week 6, Workout 3
Focus on your breathing during this workout; that is, are you inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth? Are you breathing the same way as each exercise is described?

Week 7, Workout 1
Ballet inspired barre work for the legs is covered during this workout. We do some swimming exercises for the arms as well as some tough pushups.

Week 7, Workout 2
This workout can be described in just a few words: pushups, planks and glute pain!

Week 7, Workout 3
Ballet leg work is combined with arm exercises to burn several muscles and work on coordination. The back of the legs are lengthened during some single leg work.

Week 8, Workout 1
Perfect your technique for all these challenging exercises by really listening to all the cues and information we give you.

Week 8, Workout 2
There’s several different exercises in this workout that can be done at a higher level; give one or more of them a go!

Week 8, Workout 3
Really focus on inhaling through the nose and exhaling strongly through the mouth as you perform these exercises, particularly the arm segment.

Week 9, Workout 1
Almost every single leg muscle is worked in this workout! In addition, the sides are isolated by the use of a weight and we work on swimming exercises again for the arms.

Week 9, Workout 2
There’s a little bit of everything in this workout; the core, the sides, the triceps, the chest, the shoulders, the glutes and the inner thighs all make an appearance!

Week 9, Workout 3
Arm exercises with ballet legs are revisited as are some balancing leg work. The toughest abdominal workout yet is featured!

Week 10, Workout 1
The last week of the series! Almost your last chance to try a more difficult level for the exercises, so give those tougher levels a go!

Week 10, Workout 2
In your second last workout all we have to say is technique, technique, technique!

Week 10, Workout 3
The last workout of the series! Have fun with this final workout and really enjoy the exercises. Think about how much stronger and more body aware you have become and congratulate yourself. You are now awesome at Pilates!


Please note that all information presented in these video tutorials are of a general nature and are provided for education and entertainment purposes only. The information is not to be taken as medical or health advice pertaining to any individual’s specific medical condition. The information is presented in good faith and based on commonly agreed and understood health and fitness practices, but it is important to note that Velo College and Premium Pilates Studio do not provide medical opinion or services, and makes no guarantee regarding the completeness or relevance of any information to a particular individual.

You agree that the use of the information presented in this series is at your own risk and that you indemnify Velo College and Premium Pilates Studio from any and all injuries, liabilities, damages or losses that may arise from your choice to make use of the video and audio material in this program. We recommend that you consult with your health professional before undertaking any of the activities demonstrated or suggested in this program.



Section 1Your Awesome 10 Week Challenge
Lecture 1Series Introduction
Lecture 2Week 1 - Workout 1
Lecture 3Week 1 - Workout 2
Lecture 4Week 1 - Workout 3
Lecture 5Week 2 - Workout 1
Lecture 6Week 2 - Workout 2
Lecture 7Week 2 - Workout 3
Lecture 8Week 3 - Workout 1
Lecture 9Week 3 - Workout 2
Lecture 10Week 3 - Workout 3
Lecture 11Week 4 - Workout 1
Lecture 12Week 4 - Workout 2
Lecture 13Week 4 - Workout 3
Lecture 14Week 5 - Workout 1
Lecture 15Week 5 - Workout 2
Lecture 16Week 5 - Workout 3
Lecture 17Week 6 - Workout 1
Lecture 18Week 6 - Workout 2
Lecture 19Week 6 - Workout 3
Lecture 20Week 7 - Workout 1
Lecture 21Week 7 - Workout 2
Lecture 22Week 7 - Workout 3
Lecture 23Week 8 - Workout 1
Lecture 24Week 8 - Workout 2
Lecture 25Week 8 - Workout 3
Lecture 26Week 9 - Workout 1
Lecture 27Week 9 - Workout 2
Lecture 28Week 9 - Workout 3
Lecture 29Week 10 - Workout 1
Lecture 30Week 10 - Workout 2
Lecture 31Week 10 - Workout 3 (& series outro)